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Prior to working with Dabney, I was offering several different services and running all around town. My business was suffering because I had no time to attend to it. Booking 1 session at a time was not supporting the balanced life I wanted to be living. I had no idea how to merge it all together and felt fear when trying to step away from the pieced together structure I had created. After the first call of our 6 month group coaching course, I noticed shifts immediately in the way I approached my business. Dabney provides a wealth of information & experience as a conscious, soulful entrepreneur. Her coaching style is full of real world practicality and a connected heart that meets each person where they are & reminds them of what they can do. She is brilliant at inspiring others to be their best. She helped me find the thread that wove through my offerings and create an authentic package through the branding, copywriting & 1:1 work we did.

I am now clear on who I serve and have more long-term clients to show for it. And after integrating many of the tools she shared such as dealing with resistance, building platforms, time management, the power of consultations, etc., I have more confidence in my ability to sustain my business while living that life of balance.

E-RYT 500, Healer & Transformational Guide

Dabney has a remarkable ability to be both present and create a sense of ease when working with her clients, all while cutting straight through the limitations that are holding you back. She has given me the clarity and understanding that I not only get to bring all of myself forward into my business, but I have to in order to be my greatest service and to find joy in my business once again.

Dabney has an amazing gift of merging presence, intuition, structure, ease and strong leadership into the service of her clients. She truly is a gift to the sensitive light worker entrepreneurs. Her skills allow you to both listen deeply to your inner wisdom and calling as well as have concrete practical structures for moving your business forward, while honoring your vision and negating burn out and overwhelm. She is a blessing to have by your side while moving yourself and your business into the world.

Intuitive / Spiritual Teacher / Visionary Coach

Dabney was not just a business coach. She was a business healer! For four years I had been in programs, masterminds, and working 1:1 with other “heart-centered” business coaches. I was learning lots of strategies, but my business wasn’t really growing. Some of the things I was being encouraged to do just didn’t feel right. I was seeing other people in my programs have success and wondering what was wrong with me. I was in a place of doubting myself and feeling conflicted around business philosophy and whether I needed to trade authenticity for success.

When I found Dabney, I realized that what I had been missing was the soulful side of business. Her presence is grounding and affirming. She is great at putting things into words and helping you get clear. I became more connected to my mission and my vision, and to what kind of business I really wanted to have. My work with Dabney was the beginning of me really trusting myself in business and building something that felt more authentic. As a result, I am drawing more opportunities and clients that are a good fit for me. I feel possibility and inspiration instead of fear and doubt. I feel permission instead of pressure, and I am excited about what is to come and what I can create.

Transformational Coach & Intuitive Guide

Six months ago, my income was pitiful and I was barely making my ends meet. My expertise was not being reflected by my income. I saw a shift the day I agreed to work with Dabney. Because of my willingness and commitment, the entire field of energy around my work began to shift. Her presence and ability to step into the blaze of transformation with me was what I needed to take my business to the next level.

I needed a program to enroll people, in a package that was understandable to potential clients. One of the things that stands out to me about working with Dabney is that she acknowledged and redirected my fear and doubt about my skills and value as a healer into active strategies to move my mission from vision to actuality. With her coaching and encouragement, I have migrated from a holding pattern to living the life and running the business of my dreams. Dabney helped to simplify a daunting vision, break it into bite-sized chunks and make it digestible-and tasty!

My leadership skills have been galvanized and my professional boundaries have been clarified by her deft modeling of those same qualities. I have enrolled three new clients in two weeks, right out of the gate! And there is more on the horizon, more plans, more dreams.

Yoga Therapist and Spiritual Emergence Coach

Before working with Dabney I knew I wanted to more freely express myself. I had a desire to work with women to help them access their authentic voice and share their gifts with others.

One of the greatest things I learned working with Dabney was that “how” I do things is a testament to who I am. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to do things the way others do them and this hasn’t served me or my business. Like a tuning fork, Dabney tuned in to “how” I was saying things. What I was saying was important, but she also noticed when I had more energy and less energy. She listened deeply and asked great questions. She dropped any agenda she had when she saw that some ways of doing things made me contract instead of expand and she followed my lead when I was onto something. She supported my process and was an amazing reflection of love and light which helped me experience my own. She was a witness and was committed to taking a stand for my growth and development.

Dabney supported my soul expression as it came through and my channeling all the content for my Embodied Expression workshop. I did it! I embodied my own expression to be able to create and lead a successful workshop with/for 8 Highly Sensitive Women. My message resonated with so many women (and a few men) which told me I was on to something. I now have a reference point that I can do it. I can lead a workshop that women want to attend!

Dabney also gently, but clearly and skillfully provided guidance about the “how to’s” of structuring a workshop, posting a facebook event, reminding me who I am as a leader and visionary and helping me set up a website. She is a loving and get shit done kind of woman which was the perfect combination for me.

Intuitive Movement Coach
Embodied Expression

Hi Dabney–I love you! Thank you for your coaching session this morning–it was just what I needed to re-correct my “vision” and the way I was looking at what I do. Thank you so much for bringing all the strands together–I had the bits, just didn’t know how to tie it all up!

Transformational Coach, Art Therapist.
Business Coach & Mentor

When I first started this work with Dabney, I didn’t have any business skills and saw a huge gap between barely getting by as a massage therapist and the greater healing work I felt called to do. It felt at times as though I was hiding part of my healing work. Within two weeks, I went from daydreaming about my private practice to having clear steps with plans to implement new business strategies with heart-centered confidence.

I found myself able to talk about my work in an authentic way that expresses my own unique healing work. I developed new and effective ways of communicating with past, present and potential clients. I’ve gained confidence in facilitating nature/based group activities. I learned tools to help me stay out of my own way, remain tapped into inspiration and stay on track in growing my business. I released blocks and opened up channels to receiving more money and nearly doubled my monthly income by the end of the program.

My life has been enriched on many levels and I feel as though I’m in greater contact with the unlimited potential that waits for us just beyond our fears. The language I use to define my work has evolved; the will to keep putting one foot in front of the other gives me renewed determination; I can stand in my loving power from a greater vantage point and my interactions with clients, friends and family is reaching new depths of compassion and understanding.

Once again Dabney, I am forever in gratitude for your guidance. My healing work has been building up over my entire lifetime and you’ve helped me to finally put the pieces together and accelerate my journey as a practitioner while seeing my income increase.

Founder, Spirit Alignment Therapy

When I first began working with Dabney, I was doing pretty well, with a full practice, but not making enough money to support my family so that my partner could leave the job he didn’t like. I first saw shifts within a month with increased income and more ease around valuing what I offer.

Dabney helped me develop more professional boundaries, and develop and implement a model of small group containers of support that really works well for my clients and me. As a result, I had more space to be creative and do what I love. My income has at least doubled, perhaps tripled. I am earning enough to support my family so that my partner can have some time out to focus on improving our house and raising our son for a while, and then hopefully start a business of his own!

Wellbeing Coach and Advanced EFT Practitioner

When I first started working with Dabney, I was in a job where I was unfulfilled, undervalued, and underpaid. Dabney helped me to bring clarity to my purpose, my work, and my life. She guided me to combine all of my modalities into one service, one program, that will help my clients on a more profound level to reach their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual goals.

Dabney’s knowledge, understanding, sensitivity, and energy are immense, and I couldn’t ask for a better guide to hold space in this crucial moment of my life. I went from from working for someone who repressed my gifts, my creativity, and my intuition, to now working for myself in a purposeful, authentic, intuitive, abundant, and empowered way that fulfills me to the enth degree. I am now running a 3 month transformational program with 11 people enrolled in a group class, and 4 people enrolled privately, and my private clients are flourishing. I am developing a new form of yoga, planning retreats, creating a healing community, and embarking on writing my first book.

I am truly grateful to Dabney for sharing her awesome gifts with me, for her motivation, her inspiration, her faith in me, valuing me, her persistence regarding clarity, her razor sharp teachings delivered from the heart, her pushing me to my edge, and so much more!!! I finally feel satisfied that what I have to offer my clients can really support them to improve their current reality. I truly see them transforming and I am learning and growing two-fold through the exchange. It’s authentic alchemy!


Working with Dabney has pushed my business into new territory and I am filled with deep gratitude and appreciation that I chose to take the leap of faith by investing in my purposeful work with such a badass teacher. I gained more insight and wisdom than I could have possibly anticipated. I’ve learned how to optimize and monetize my unique gifts while offering my clients real value from my heart. Dabney created a safe container for me to re-write my story in an empowering way that lead to the development and launch of a men’s program a decade in the making.

I’ve know for a long time that I could “eventually” embody my dream but as time passed by I had to own that I needed help. Major shifts in all areas of my life began to happen as soon as I signed up. Once I allowed myself to be vulnerable and aligned to the process, my path opened in ways that are still unraveling and radically shifting my life into further abundance and deeper meaning.

Founder, Art of Waking Up

Dabney’s Mastermind Group was an incredible learning and growth experience for me. Not only did I get what I expected, which was ”the business of healing,” but so much more. For me, it was a holistic approach to one’s business. I learned so many vital processes and principles and procedures, but I also learned much about myself, both positive and negative. Negative meaning, where were my roadblocks, self-sabotage, doubts and insecurities. I began to understand, accept and ultimately how to embrace them and learn from them. I felt held in a non- threatening, loving, safe space with others like myself in which to explore these concepts and be able to look at the business objectively.

I accomplished so much in such a short period of time, from setting up a Workshop, doing my website and understanding the importance, value and the concept of “My Story.” Getting my business started and up off the ground was the foundation that I needed a lot of help with and it was my foundation on which to build my future.

End of Life Educator

Before working with Dabney, I was putting a ton of energy into promoting my business, practically giving away treatments and busting my butt at a second job to make ends meet. I’m now coming from a place of clarity, power and confidence and know how to put together and execute a workshop in a way that allows new clients to easily to pass into the door of my business. As a result, I have had more new clients in the past month than ever before in my business.


When I came to Dabney, I knew I had talent, but my business lacked real form: It didn’t have any structure, I didn’t understand my niche, I had no way of bringing my clients through an actual program – start to finish. With Dabney’s help, I began to refine my program. I named the business, Legacy As Livelihood and now have a solid 6 month program I bring my clients through filled with a curriculum that I handcrafted.

I also created The Break Free Labs, which are now currently on tour around the country. For my first Break Free Lab in Oakland, I sold out a 99 seat theatre and filled my practice in a week’s time. But, I’m not going to give you all hype. My steadfast capacity to show up for my business and understand that what I’m doing is needed in this world is what allows me to persevere. And that is shaping me beautifully.


Dabney, I want to tell you that our work together for the last couple of months has been transformative. Going forward I know how to network, build my list of potential clients, and optimize my website and other marketing to bring in paying customers. My whole view of business, self-worth, who I am, and what I have to offer are shifting thanks to you. I have finally realized I can be a good person and change the world and still get paid!

Urban Food Warrior

I came to Dabney with a lot of questions about my business that I knew would be hard to cover in an hour long session, but like a laser, she went straight to the heart of my questions and answered them almost faster than I could ask and Dabney covered things I wasn’t even expecting to address with the same precision and expertise. It was clear to me that Dabney knows business – she knows what works and what doesn’t from writing copy to creating programs to enrolling new clients. She’s exceptionally kind, clear and generous to boot. I will definitely use her services again!

Video Coach

You create an incredible life-force-filled, expansive space that is pumping with energy, and yet- what is so cool about it- it by no means shuts me down or my own unique process. Spacious and precise. Your ability to SHOW me the way with our experience together has been such a delightful surprising gift! And then in scarier moments you make me feel really safe and like I’m falling into a cushion. It’s really cool. <3




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