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Haven’t you ever been really grooving on someone else’s teaching material and then all of a sudden you realize you’re being “sold to” and clam up as they go into their offer?

I know I have! I used to get SOO triggered by people’s offers.  I had a lot of my own wounding around money and self-worth and a story that I was being taken advantage of.  I projected all of this and even felt righteous when I thought I had discovered their ulterior motives.

“I knew it! I knew it was too good to be true!”

The million dollar question though is after you’ve had one those negative experiences, how do offer your own paid services without unintentionally being perceived as salesy?

In other words, how do you authentically share your services and ensure you are well received?


The first thing to understand is that it takes two to tango.  Even when you’re coming from a genuine desire to serve, there will always be people who don’t want what you have as well those who are triggered by you.  Don’t take it on.  Forgive them because they are projecting as a way of healing their own deep wounds.

That said…

Here are 4 things you CAN DO to make a genuine offer:

  1. Authenticity first! – Let them know why you created what you’re offering and why it’s important to you that people receive support.

“Honestly, I just really want to see people get the support they need.”

  1. Acknowledge it’s not for everyone – address those in the room for whom it’s not a fit, and invite forward those for whom it is

“This isn’t for everyone, but for those of you whom this IS a fit, I invite you to take advantage.”

  1. Seed your offer in your intro.  Don’t come out of left field! Prepare them from the very beginning.

“For those of you interested to go deeper with this work, I’ll share a little bit more about that later in the night.”

  1. Ground and align your head, heart and power-center.  Offers that land poorly primarily come from 2 polar energetic signatures.

The first is perceived as pushy; all head and power-center, with no heart.

(Ex: “You need this.”  i.e. I’m going to exert my will on you)

Probably none of you are doing this, but you are so afraid of doing this that you’ve overcorrected into energetic signature #2:

All heart, with no power. (Ex: “If your spirit is calling you, I’d be happy to help, but if not, that’s ok too.”  i.e. I’m so open that I’m unconvincing and actually conveying that I’m not too sure this will help you either.)

In either of these two energetic dynamics, you will not be received well and you will not engage those that ARE meant to work with you further.

The key is to drop into your power and balance it with heart, creating what I call humble confidence.

It’s this neutrality, dignity and power that engages and invites, without pushing.

Here’s to you stepping it up to share what you know is possible for others, and transforming lives, including yours!

With Love,


PS- If this resonates for you, I’ll be sharing a lot more about this topic in a free upcoming training: How to Enroll Clients from a Workshop or Webinar



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